Fighting the Fluff

So, one of my good friends occasionally will announce, “I’m feeling fluffy!!”

Meaning she’s a little heavier than usually or feels bloat-y or hasn’t been eating well. This happens to everyone. This happens to me. I noticed the other day that I didn’t need to tie the drawstring on my lululemon pants anymore to keep them up. My shorts felt a little tight and I felt an extra jiggle when doing double-unders. So, I stepped on the scale and was not surprised to find I’d gained not an insignificant amount of weight.

In the past, this would send me down into despair and panic, but these days I have a plan of attack! I know I can halt the weight gain by cleaning up my act.

Just as every small step towards healthier eating and living makes a difference, every step back towards inferior eating also makes a difference. Those little steps or miss-steps accumulate and then you’re down the fluffy road. I’m not advocating super strict eating ALL the time. I think that’s too stressful, but I do recommend taking a hard look at what you’re eating if you’re not feeling your best.

My steps to get off the road to Fluff-Town

1. Start Logging. Chances are you’ve been eating more than you think you have. Some added dinners out, extra cocktails, a few rounds of sweet potato fries… they add up. For me, I realized I’d been eating coconut butter like crazy. I’d been gradually increasing the amount I was putting in my coffee without even realizing it. I don’t think we should dwell on calories, but at a certain point, they do matter, especially super calorie-dense, coconut butter. coconut butter




2. Cut out the alcohol. It adds to your overall caloric intake and slows the body’s ability to burn fat for energy.Strongbow




3. Monitor nut intake very closely and take a break from any paleo-treats. Nuts are very dense in calories and easy to overeat, especially in the nut butter form or in almond flour treats.Hail Merry




4. Sleep. Insufficient sleep leads to multiple issues including weight gain, decreased insulin sensitivity and increased sugar cravings.

5. Recognize any new stressors. Stress causes excess cortisol to float around, signaling your body to store calories as fat.

6. Be very strategic with starchy carb intake. I’m still very active, so I need some starchy veggies, but I’ll make sure to eat them right after exercising when my body is more insulin sensitive and can utilize the glucose more efficiently. paleo carbs



Finally, don’t stress about the weight gain. That will simply make things worse. Just set up a plan of attack and execute!



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