5 Year Crossfit Anniversary


This August is my 5 year Crossfit anniversary. It’s officially the longest relationship I’ve ever had. The traditional gift for five years is wood. Hmmm, I guess that means I need a box jump box?

I’ve been avoiding writing this post. I admit I didn’t want to share my “before” pictures. When I started CF, I was overweight and in a dark place in my life. I felt out of control and a bit desperate. I didn’t feel connected to my body or really anything in my life. I know this only feeds into the public opinion that CF is a cult, but CF changed my life. It gave ME back to ME. Now, I am happier, healthier, stronger, and more confident. In the past five years, I decided to go back to school, start my own business, lost over 15 lbs., and took control of my life. I am now filled to the brim with gratitude for life, my friends, my family, and crossfit.

The before pictures remind me of the dark time, and I cringe when I look at them. But, I think it’s time to let that go. Now, I try to see them as a reminder of all the hard work I’ve put in over the last five years with CF and the last four years of clean eating. Things didn’t really connect until I got my nutrition in line.

The thing is, I’m a slow burner. Nothing comes very fast with me. There wasn’t this amazing overnight transformation and I didn’t lose a dramatic amount of weight. It was many YEARS of day in day out dedication. I wanted to share in case anyone else was feeling beat down because their body wasn’t one of those that suddenly was fit and trim. There were many pitfalls, set backs, moments of despair, but I simply kept going. Slowly, so slowly, I was feeling better, sleeping better, had more energy, and losing what I now think of as the “sad weight.” I rarely talk about success in terms of pounds lost. Rather, I like to look at how your clothes are fitting, how your pullups are feeling, or how many inches lost. But, over the last 5 years, I’ve lost roughly 15lbs. The pounds didn’t matter as much as losing that weight really changed the way my body looked. I finally felt lighter- physically AND mentally.

What 5 Years of Crossfit has given me:

1. Confidence- in my strength, in my ability, in me

2. Community- I was sorely lacking this before CF

3. Strong Friendships with men and women- as an adult it’s hard to find new friends, so I really value this. 

4. Dedication- I never thought I’d stick this out for five years and love it

5. Strength- mentally and physically

6. Admiration and respect for everyone I work out with and all CF athletes

When I started Crossfit, I looked like this: BEFORE with my “sad weight.”


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After 5 Years of Crossfit and 4 years of clean eating:


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And I feel like this: