Fight The Fluff! 30 Day Eat Real Food Challenge






I have to admit I had a really great summer.


There was hiking

Winter Park

Winter Park







Beach time









and fun concerts

I'm a really good singer

I’m a really good singer

JT and Jay Z yeah, we had pretty awesome seats

JT/ Jay Z

About to hit up In and Out Burger

About to hit up In& Out Burger






There was also margaritas, Manhattans, wine, whiskey, and more wine.

Vinho Verde in Aspen

Vinho Verde in Aspen

Bourbon in Nantucket

Bourbon in Nantucket

Wine with a handy top so it doesn't spill

Wine with a handy top

Manhattan at Punch Bowl

Manhattan at Punch Bowl






I don’t bother striving for perfection because all that does is make me crazy and constantly disappointed. I do try my best as often as possible, but also indulge when I want to. Of course, my indulgences are very different from what they were just a few years ago. Now, I’ll make grain-free cookies, coconut milk ice cream, or enjoy a yummy cider/wine/whiskey instead of Wendy’s, Ben and Jerry’s, or some peanut M&Ms.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to give my body a break and cut out the junk. That means it’s time to Fight the Fluff and dive into a 30 Day Challenge!! Let’s refocus our energy, take a break from over indulging, support our bodies, and get rid of the fluff.

Fluff is the extra weight, the bloat, or anything that’s keeping you from feeling your best. Get rid of all the junk: processed foods, sugar, grains, alcohol, dairy and focus on the real, nutrient-dense food.

My Challenge at Front Range Crossfit starts October 2nd. This is for members only BUT if you’re not a member and would like to set up your own challenge, just contact me. You need a group of 5, so wrangle up some friends/coworkers/family.

Here’s what past participants said about the Real Food Challenge.

“The challenge made me much more aware of what I was buying in the grocery and eating. While I followed the Paleo challenge as closely as I could for Larry, I still ate chocolate and a few other non-Paleo products.

Even after the 30 day challenge, I find myself refusing to eat bread, grains, Canola oils, yogurt.   I won’t order a sandwich when I go out, rather, just get the meat and veggies.  I’ll forgo a pasta meal and chose a salad.

I read labels on everything and will make a decision to eat it only if there are 5 or fewer ingredients.

The Paleo challenge really changed my eating habits.  I didn’t personally lose any weight at all, but then I still had dark chocolate and I will have hot chocolate made with milk.  I find I crave fruit much more often and haven’t had a candy bar in months!” Ellen B.

“I did Karen’s 30-day Real Food Challenge in January and thoroughly enjoyed it. She was always readily available to answer my questions and had an uncanny ability to proactively send information out that focused on things I was struggling with every step of the way. Not only that, but I actually saw some amazing results and have been able to maintain them ever since.  

She’s a wealth of information, is easy to work with and is a badass CrossFitter. I find myself chasing her on the boards all the time! I would highly recommend her if you’re looking to make some sense of your nutrition, start eating healthier and feeling great!” -Rebecca C.
“Karen is a great paleo coach.  I had really good results with my 30 day challenge and have been mostly paleo for about 3 months.” Larry B.