The Big Announcement! POTG + PNK= AWESOME


Hello Friends! I’ve been M.I.A. these past few months because I’ve been working on a new, exciting collaboration with my friends over at Paleo On The Go, (POTG). I can now let you know that I’ve packed up Lucy (aka my Subaru), put my Patagonia down jacket, skis, all fleece items, and humidifier into storage, and driven 30 hours to sunny Florida!  I’m sad to say goodbye to Colorado and especially Front Range Crossfit, but it felt like it was time to follow a new passion and take the plunge into a new adventure.

Paleo On The Go is one of the few companies delivering Paleo meals right to your door, anywhere in the country. I’ve been working with Dave, POTG’s CEO, and his crew for the past year virtually, as their nutrition consultant. I was shocked at the quality and great taste when he sent me a few of their meals to try. Dave’s been working non stop the past two years developing Paleo On The Go and figuring out how to get his Real Food, nutrient-dense meals to more and more people.

Dave and I decided to grow my role in the company as their new chef, recipe developer, and expand my role as their nutrition consultant. So, here I am in Florida! I’m excited to help grow the company to get real, delicious, nutrient-rich meals into the hands of as many people as possible. As you know, I’m passionate about helping people with their health through promoting real food eating and proper nutrition. I now have this awesome platform to reach even more people. I’m psyched!

Chile Lime Wings

Chile Lime Wings

Please reach out with any questions about my new endeavor, about Paleo On The Go meals, and know that I’m still here as your nutrition resource.

Oh, and let me know any cool things to do in the Tampa Bay area! I need new friends!