Auto Immune Friendly Paleo Meals

Hi guys!

I’ve been living in Florida the past few months working with Paleo On The Go, reworking their menu, cooking, tackling inventory issues, planning production, and of course, enjoying the amazing beaches here.

Beach Shot








What’s really cool is that we’ve taken things to the next level and offer even more Auto Immune Friendly meals and sides now. We are one of the ONLY meal delivery services offering this. If you are struggling with any sort of auto immune issues and feel overwhelmed by the restrictive diet, it just got easier. Our AIP (auto immune protocol) meals follow The Paleo Mom’s guidelines in her new book, The Paleo Approach. This means they are:

Egg Free

Nut Free

Nightshade Free

Dairy Free

AIP friendly Pork Pad Thai

AIP friendly Pork Pad Thai







Check it out!