Go Primal!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to write. A quick update! After implementing a new menu with Paleo on the Go for the past 8 months in Florida, I’m now moving back to Colorado. I will still be working with POTG from afar, while also expanding my own nutrition consulting business. I’m very excited for this new step. 

“Being Paleo” goes deeper than avoiding grains. It means living in a way that is in tune with how we evolved. It’s learning how to live in our modern world with a body that is adapted to a different time. We do continue to evolve, every day, but our world, and most dramatically, our food system, has changed rapidly. Evolution simply does not work that fast. To really feel healthy and vibrant, we need to listen to our primal instinct and honor how our amazing bodies work. Being paleo and living a primal lifestyle is more than the food you eat.

Check out my 10 ways to Go Primal!

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