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You want RESULTS. I’m here to help you achieve them.

What makes my program different is that it is individualized to your specific needs.

Let’s chat first and see what your goals are and if we’re a good match. Then we’ll move on to the next step where I gather hard data on your current health and wellness. From there, I set out a plan specific to you and your goals. We implement the plan. I give you support, motivation, and keep tabs on your progress. Everyone’s plan is different but we always discuss your current diet, energy levels, exercise, sleep, stress, and digestion.

Real change takes time and commitment. We spend our time together every month in the most effective way for you to reach your goal. This could be counseling in person or via skype, discussing the latest nutrition news, learning to navigate the grocery store, cleaning out your pantry, cooking a meal, or meeting for a walk/run.


1 Month Package $150   This is a great first step for anyone looking to dial in their nutrition. It includes an initial consultation, a follow-up meeting, personalized recommendations for you and your goals, and weekly email check-ins.

8 Week Package $275 This is perfect for someone who needs a little more support in reaching their health goals. It’s the same as the one month set-up, just over a longer period of time.

Nutrition Discussion/Lecture Do you have a group that’s interested in learning more about nutrition? Perhaps you want to learn “The Truth About Fat” or “How to Eat Real Food.” Contact me for pricing, other topics, and more information.

Eat Real Food Challenge Do you have a group of 5 or more that wants to take the plunge into clean eating together? Click here for more info.

Do you need to overhaul your life? Do you really want results? I highly recommend my Comprehensive PackageEmail me to see if you’re right for this program and what it entails. 

Do you really want to reach your goals? Don’t dip your toe, jump in.

Please contact me for more detailed information.

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